Preliminary list of speakers

(keynote) Arto Klami and Antti Honkela: Probabilistic inference for big data

Antti Honkela: Fast and accurate approximate inference of transcript expression from RNA-sequencing data

Sotiris Tasoulis: Random projection based clustering for population genomics

Janne Leppä-Aho: Pseudo-likelihood

Mikhail Shubin: Visualization of uncertainty

Jussi Jousimo: Estimating abundance from large-scale low-density track-counts

Bjarke Mølgaard: Inference of aerosol particle size distributions using a Gaussian Process model – A new inversion algorithm for the Differential Mobility Particle Sizer

Kaie Kubjas: Fixed Points of the EM Algorithm and Nonnegative Rank Boundaries

Panel Discussion: Statistics in Finland

These are the talks that have been confirmed so far, there’s still slots for a couple of talks, don’t hesitate to propose one

Preliminary list of speakers

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