This stats day is over, thanks everyone for participation!



At the statistics day we use the interests tags together with the name tags. Just take a pictures representing the topics you are interested in and stick it to yourself!

General interest tags: badges - копия (2) Computational Statistics, Theoretical Statistics and Statistical Applications.


Application tags: badges - копия Include a lot of different things like ecology, design making, big data, classification, bioinformatics, social networks, medicine.


Status Update

We now have 40+ people registered and 6 talks:

Pauliina Ilmonen, Aalto University: But how rare is rare?

Paulo Canas Rodrigues, University of Tampere:  Statistics in the Era of Big Data and Internet of Things

Toni Karvonen, Aalto University: Stability of State Estimators for Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamic Systems

Aki Vehtari, Aalto University: Survival analysis with Gaussian processes

Markku Karhunen, University of Helsinki: Fitting alpha-stable distributions to market data

Markus Heinonen, Aalto University: Non-stationary Gaussian process regression

Status Update